Plakat A shop front signage informing people they are in the business of buying used goods or secondhand items like electrical and kitchen appliances, electronic gadgets, etc, and paying cash for them.
A shop front signage informing people they are in the business of buying used goods or secondhand items like electrical and kitchen appliances, electronic gadgets, etc, and paying cash for them..
Numer zdjęcia:
Słowa kluczowe:
potrzebne, drugi, ręka, sklepie, Znaki, przechowywania, lombard, front, rynek

Plakat standard

Plakaty drukowane na wysokiej jakości papierze. Zastosowanie technologii HP Latex zapewnia żywe kolory na lata, które są odporne na szkodliwe działanie promieni UV. Plakaty standard drukowane są na półbłyszczącym papierze.
  • Gramatura: 200g/m2
  • Dodatkowe informacje: Do plakatów dostępne są ramy aluminiowe i antyramy.

Plakat premium

Plakaty drukowane w bardzo wysokiej rozdzielczości (1440 dpi) na znakomitej jakości papierze. Zastosowanie technologii HP Latex zapewnia żywe kolory na lata, które są odporne na szkodliwe działanie promieni UV. Plakaty świetnie prezentują się w aluminiowych ramach z płytą pleksi, która nadaje całości elegancki charakter. Plakaty premium drukowane są na półbłyszczącym papierze.
  • Gramatura: 300g/m2
  • Dodatkowe informacje: Do plakatów dostępne są ramy aluminiowe i antyramy.

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Bottom or base of a ceramic glazed dining bowl with the word 'Stoneware' to indicate type of tableware and the text 'Made in China' printed on it.
A coir scouring brush, front close-up view against white background. Made from coconut husk, the scrubbing brush natural fibers are tough and durable and ideal for many cleaning purposes.
Communication barrier - a tangled coil cord with a pair of telephone handset, connected but not getting through, concept for communication breakdown, misunderstanding or lost in translation.
Weathering through times - front hardcover of a weathered, old and faded Holy Bible where many faithful Christians read the scripture for guidance, hope, inspiration and salvation.
A bunch of grapes being washed in a bowl of water, soaking and cleaning them thoroughly to remove bacteria, germs, pesticides and chemicals from the skin surface to ensure they can be safely eaten.
Water spurts from a fountain forming bubble patterns, closeup macro view.
Smarphone on personal detail page of a diary as a hand draws a pattern lock password to unlock the phone. Like a diary, the smartphone now contains many personal details requiring security protection.
A Red Ixora flower standing out like a beacon from the rest, attracting bees and other insects with its height and vivid flaming colors - front closeup view against bright white daylight background.
Needle with a white thread stringed through the needle eye hole of an old manual operated mechanical sewing machine still in use to stitch up clothes and sew garments, closeup view.
A smartphone displaying 5G symbol with tools and screws on table. Concept for upgrading to 5G, 5G readiness, testing and rollout, mobile network enhancement, 5G technical specs or inner workings.
An orange fruit cut or sliced fresh in half on a wooden cutting or chopping board - plain, flat lay simple design, closeup top view - for food, health and nature concept.
Fingerprint marks and smudges on a dirty, unclean smartphone touchscreen where build up over time can interfere or decrease touch sensitivity of the screen.
Bible chapter bookmark tabs on the fore edge or at the side of the book pages allowing easy lookup or reference for Bible readers, students, teachers and believers.
Collage of various text headline newspaper clippings reporting on the trade war and its economy and financial impact and effect. Concept for US vs China, Europe trade war.
Fill your stomach with a plate of delicious savory Asian snack food made with baked bun stuffed with diced meat (pork, chicken). Locally known in Malaysia as Siew Pao (Siu Bao).
Bread bun seen through a glass cover being heated up by the glowing internal heating rods in an old used electric oven as it is being warmed up for a teatime snack or meal - closeup front view.
Coconut coir fiber scrubbing brush isolated on white background, top view. The brush high water retention capacity is suited for use in kitchen, toilets, industrial and many cleaning purposes.
A sliced piece of grouper fish or steak cut, isolated on white background. Great for saute, frying, grilling or use in soups and chowders.
Women's blouses on the words FOR RENT. Design concept for clothing rental where customers can expand their wardrobe by renting a wide selection of clothes and branded designer apparels on a budget.
A security camera with motion detection LED floodlights installed on a wall outside a house to deter theft, robbery or break-ins. CCTV system with LED spotlight setup to provide security for a home.
Purple Vinca minor (lesser periwinkle) flowers blossoming among lush foliage with water droplets clinging on to the vibrant green petals of the plants after a light shower of rain - top view.
Rows of used color pencils showing blunt nips with color markings on the box casing. Concept for creative inspiration, school art assignment, coloring contest, craft designs. Closeup, macro view.
Jute tote bag showing part of its handle, closeup flat lay view, colored texture background. Cloth shopping bag made of jute fiber makes it a tough and durable all purpose eco-friendly carry bag.
Pizza made with mozzarella cheese, ground beef and chicken with added slices of sausage, topped with onions and green peppers. Rich, mouth-watering creamy pizza seen close up from the top. Macro view.
Pizza made with mozzarella cheese with shredded chicken mix with onions, green peppers and topped with a layer of rich flavorful barbecue sauce. Cheesy pizza with creamy BBQ sauce, close up top view.
Shopping bag made of jute material, closeup flat lay view, colored texture background. Jute fiber made bags are tough and strong, an ideal replacement for plastic bags, an environment friendly option.
A cloth bag made of jute fiber, closeup view, colored texture background. Jute made bags are reusable and biodegradable, an ideal replacement for plastic bags. A sustainable environmental choice.
Snack time - a hand reaching out for some nuts in a container - front closeup view.
Newspaper cutout of headlines reporting on trade war and the impact on the economy and financial markets presently hogging major dailies and media. Concept for US versus China, Europe trade war.
Red toy motor racing car, a model championship high powered motorsport auto racing car for children's fun and play, front closeup view, isolated on white background.
Surveillance camera at a street intersection monitoring road traffic in all directions. CCTV mounted on a pole to monitor traffic conditions on the streets below. Cloudy skies with flyover backdrop.
A hungry stray gray cat eats a dead rat after catching and killing it. Seen at a housing back alley. The stray cats in the area help keep the rat population in check and act as a natural pest control.
A hungry stray cat sits on the streets looking up expectantly and intently hoping for some food or to be fed.
Empty row of seats against a glass wall where outside daylight shines thru to provide ample natural lighting for the surrounding area, as part of green building design to reduce energy consumption.
Novel coronavirus breaking news headline clippings from various newspapers reporting on the deadly disease, macro view. Concept for global coverage on severity of Covid-19 or 2019-ncov virus.
A book lying horizontal showing the type of book binding where pages of the book are folded into section and attached together onto the cover using a strong glue. Closeup macro view.
A book bound using perfect binding showing the spine and glue holding folded sections of the book together. Pages of a book glued together with the cover using a strong adhesive. Closeup macro view.
A layer of dust accumulated on a dark surface, macro closeup view. A dusty black surface that has not been cleaned or wipe for some time. Tiny specks of dust settling on a surface top.
Answers page at the back of a mathematics textbook containing solutions to all math exercises. Concept for searching for answers, questions solved, all made clear, mystery revealed, the unknown known.
A stray cat bites into the throat of a rat for a quick kill after catching its prey. A hungry street gray cat catches a rodent in its mouth. Seen on road side at a back alley of a housing area.
Pieces of 3 ply medical grade face mask stacked, closeup view. New supply of surgical mask piled up. Layers of blue disposable mask or protective facial cover to block viruses, germs and bacteria.
Shopping bag made with felt fabric or cloth isolated against white background. Cloth carry bag to replace plastic bags for environment protection.
Cracked and shattered glass of a car side view mirror lying on a street after being hit and broken off during an accident. Wreckage debris of a side mirror from a vehicle collision lie on the ground.
Dried powdered wheat grass showing fine green texture and granule bits, closeup macro top view. Processed wheatgrass in powder form, a health supplement rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
Bitcoin icon on a online trading platform seen on a computer screen, pixelated, emphasizing the digital nature of the currency, closeup macro view. Bitcoin cryptocurrency symbol on a LED display.
A contactless payment icon symbol on a credit card on top of sales receipts showing goods were paid using contactless method or wave or near-field communication technology. Closeup macro view.
Storm clouds looming over construction building cranes - concept for downturn in property market, bleak real estate outlook, impending property bubble burst.
An overturn car lying upside down on a street after an accident, suffering heavy damage. Car lands on its roof after loosing control and hits a tree. Vehicle turned turtle caused by reckless driving.
HDPE water piping installation connecting the outside mains water supply source into a residential house. Inlet water supply pipe connections outside front of a home, top view.
'We are hiring' notice outside a retail store front which is looking to add or recruit more employee or staff. Concept for a strong labor market or booming economy leading to a surge in job creation.
Telecommunication antennas for wireless cellular mobile and radio network installed at a transmission base station tower on a rooftop of a building.
Tote shopping bag made of felt cloth or fabric isolated against white background, closeup portrait view. Cloth carry bag to replace plastic bags for environment protection.
A corporate mission statement written on a page of an annual report of a public listed REIT company. Page title heading and text stating the corporate objective of a company to its shareholders.
An old, weathered thick volume hardcover book isolated on white background. Book with blank empty front cover, no text, titles and heading.
A used, creased nitrile white medical glove isolated on black background, closeup view. A worn unclean single-use surgical glove discarded and lying on a dark surface.
Fashionable and elegant ladies hats for sale on a wall display at a women clothing store.
A double layered carrot and walnut cake topped with creamy icing made of beautiful rose flower pattern design, front closeup view. Two layer cake with floral frosting to celebrate a special occasion.
Cake decorated with beautiful icing made of rose flowers for Mother's day celebration or for a special love one. Cake topped with creamy buttery icing shaped in a floral arrangement, closeup top view.
Collection of old newspaper stacked and piled up, ready for pickup and sent for recycling where the resulting paper pulp can be made into new recycled paper.
Wall paint brush lying across a paint container holder on a brown rustic wooden table, top view. Concept for art & craft, home improvement, interior decoration, house upkeep, renovation and styling.
Japanese Ankoro Mochi, a Japanese rice cake made with red bean paste, in white packaging - closeup angled view.
Rows of Ankoro Mochi, a Japanese rice cake made with red bean paste, close up view.
Orange juice in plastic bottles lined up neatly on a shelf - closeup view.
Smartphone in an empty wallet, concept for mobile banking, e-banking, e-wallet where the smartphone is being used as a payment method for shopping transaction to replace cash and credit card.
A weathered yellow fire hydrant installed on a street grass divider - close-up top view.
A palette of paint materials on a table for face and body painting being used by an artist.
A welcome mat at the entrance of a cafe restaurant as a customer is seen entering through the front door.
Wall showing peeling and bubbling paint due to water leak behind wall.
Keeping with the times - a no smoking sign banning traditional cigarettes and all modern alternative smoking devices.
A mall utilizing a skylight roof or glass ceiling to allow sunlight to shine through as natural indoor lighting in order to conserve electricity and reduce energy consumption.
Water leakage from broken pipe behind wall causing water stains, peeling and bubbling wall paint.
Bottom or underside of a pair of slippers, showing the tread pattern on the sole, isolated on white background, top view.
A feed horn receiver of a parabolic satellite TV dish, closeup view under the rain. Satellite reception is affected during heavy rain, snow, ice which causes the signal strength to reduce.
Water piping tube installed externally along the bathroom wall to supply water for a heater.
Construction building materials and industrial supplies such as bricks, woods and pipes stacked and arranged for sale at a hardware store front.
Shirt collar in shabby and tattered condition with torn garment fabric caused by worn threading or threadbare clothing fiber due to regular wash and wear, closeup view.
A sunshade shields a car's interior against the heat as the intensity of the midday sun is reflected on the windscreen.
Dried, fallen leaves, cut grass, twigs and other garden waste collected into yellow garbage bag for pick up.
A packet of desiccant bentonite with English, Chinese and Japanese text warning label - 'dangerous, do not eat'. Object isolated on white background.
Sole of a pair of flip flops slippers, showing the tread pattern on the bottom, isolated on white background.
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