Obraz Happy curly haired African American woman laughs positively, points aside on copy space, wears black t shirt, shows cool advertisement or promotion, isolated over yellow background. Torn paper
Happy curly haired African American woman laughs positively, points aside on copy space, wears black t shirt, shows cool advertisement or promotion, isolated over yellow background. Torn paper.
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afro, dorywczo strój, decyzja, t-shirt, papier, kobieta, reklama, optymistyczny, 1
Playful positive curly haired woman makes peace sign over eye, takes selfie on smartphone, shows lucky peace gesture, wears casual clothes. Happy female blogger records vlog online, says hey followers
Cheerful Afro woman points away on copy space, discusses amazing promo, gives way or direction, wears yellow warm sweater, has pleasant smile, feels optimistic, isolated over blue background
Curly optimistic woman raises palms from joy, happy to receive awesome present from someone, shouts loudly, dressed in casual white t shirt, isolated on blue background. Excited Afro female yells
Friendly looking positive young woman gives suggestion or recommendation, points index finger on copy space, dressed in bright summer outfit, isolated on blue background. People and advertisement
Horizontal studio shot of cheerful African American woman keeps hands under chin and looks pleasantly aside, being in good mood, chuckles as gets compliment from boyfriend, empty space on blue wall
Portrait of delighted cheerful ethnic woman reacts on awesome gift, raises palms and stares with eyes full of happiness, cannot believe in her great success, dressed in casual wear, poses indoor
Gorgeous lovely woman has pleasant smile on face, healthy skin, Afro haircut, wears casual white turtleneck jumper, round earrings, looks happily directly at camera, has no make up, feels joyful
Go right there. Joyful friendly woman shows direction to shop, explains way, points fore finger on empty space, wears green jumper, poses against pink wall with copy place for advertising content
Pleased dark skinned Afro American woman stands in ripped background, laughs happily, poses in paper hole, points on right side, isolated on yellow wall. Space for your advertising or promotion.
Tender charming happy curly woman has relaxed joyful face expression, Afro hairstyle, wears knitted sweater, laughs enthusiastic, poses against yellow background, blank space aside, turns away
Horizontal shot of pretty carefree young curly woman keeps hand under chin, has good mood, feels pleased to receieve compliment, concentrated aside, dressed casually, isolated on blue background.
Happy smiling woman seller points at upper right corner, advertises item on blank space, has friendly facial expression, wears casual white t shirt, isolated on blue background. Look there, its nice
Joyful dark skinned young African American woman points away right with thumb, dressed in casual wear, demonstrates copy space for your advertising content, smiles happily, recommends something
Glad curly young woman keeps hand under chin, smiles carefree, poses with joyful dreamy peaceful expression, wear striped jumper, has snow white teeth, isolated on blue wall, blank space aside
Positive African American woman makes face palm and smiles broadly, laughs at good joke, enjoys life, giggles happily, closes eyes, shows white teeth, dressed in casual clothes isolated on pink wall
Joyous friendly looking smiling girl points aside with happy expression, toothy smile, pleased to show awesome advertisement, dressed casually says use copy space wisely gestures through ripped paper
Photo of delighted African American woman points away with both index fingers, promots awesome place for your advertising content, isolated over purple background, gives advice, shows copy space
Photo of beautiful Afro American woman concentated into smartphone device, enjoys chatting online, downloads music to playlist for listening in headphones, has curly dark hair, wears casual outfit
Photo of pleasant looking happy African American woman dances happily, laughs with fun, dressed in casual jumper, isolated over yellow wall, feels entertained. People, happiness, relaxation concept
Cute tender young woman keeps hands crossed over body, smiles sensually and gazes at camera, has natural curly hair, enjoys awesome moment in life, poses against yellow background, has pleasant talk
Photo of happy delighted Afro girl clenches fists, feels triumph, rejoices victory, keeps eyes shut, smiles broadly, wears white t shirt, stands indoor. Yes, I did it successfully. People, high spirit
Portrait of happy dark skinned woman in bright jumper points thumb on copy space, shows advertisement of product or company banner, guarantees best quality of item, gives you recommendation.
Human facial expressions concept. Displeased Afro woman smirks face and purses lips, reacts on hearing something unpleasant, wears casual jumper, models over purple wall with blank space aside
Portrait of happy carefree woman touches neck gently, demonstrates natural beauty, dressed in casual t shirt, smiles broadly, stands over blue background with empty space for your advertisement
Happy moment. Positive curly girl holds chin, looks aside, sees something pleasant, has broad smile, dressed in casual jumper, stands against yellow background, blank space aside. Lucky black female
Portrait of cheerful tender young woman with curly Afro hair smiles gently and looks pensively aside, has charming expression, thinks about pleasant moment in life, isolated on pink background
Portrat of beautiful serious unsmiling woman with calm attentive focused expression, keeps finger on lips and listens carefully, looks directly at camera, dressed in casual outfit, isolated on pink
Horizontal shot of happy pleased African American woman keeps hands under chin, has beaming smile, awaits for something positive, wears snow white jumper, stands indoor against green studio wall
Horizontal shot of happy dark skinned lady with friendly expression, points with both fore fingers aside, wears orange jumper, demsonstrates something over blank space, isolated over blue wall
African American woman in black t shirt, stands in paper hole, points away on blank space, stands in ripped paper, has cheerful expression, isolated over yellow background. Advertising concept
Tender cheerful adult woman invites join something, points index fingers aside, shows copy space on right, wears white t shirt and jean shorts, isolated on white background. Check out this cool place
Photo of attractive curly African American woman looks with curious expression aside, notices something interesting, has natural beauty, isolated over yellow background in paper hole, has fun indoor
Studio shot of optimistic Afro American woman with crisp hair, positive smile, points aside with fore fingers, wears round spectacles and white t shirt, shows awesome thing at upper right corner
Energetic enthusiastic woman with curly crisp hair, listens music via headset, smiles broadly, being in high spirit, stands against white background with blank space, wears striped colorful jumper
Overjoyed African American woman laughs sincerely, looks aside, recalls funny moment, wears white sweatshirt, isolated over brown background, expresses friendly attitude, has fun with companion
Portrait of happy smiling Afro American woman has joyful expression, glad to be promoted and receives praise from boss, wears casual turtleneck, isolated on purple background. Emotions concept
Human facial expressions concept. Displeased dark skinned hipster woman feels unhappy, reacts on unpleasant words from interlocutor, purses lips from dissatisfaction, wears yellow sweatshirt
Photo of lovely female student keeps hand under chin, has sincere smile, thinks over something with good emotions glad to finsh working on diploma paper wears spectacles white t shirt isolated on blue
Horizontal view of ethnic lady gives instruction how to get place, promots copy space, touches cheek with palm, dressed in fashionable clothing, smiles pleasantly. Look at awesome cool promo.
Glad laughing curly woman giggles as heard funny joke, wears white sweater, keeps hand on neck, expresses positive emotions, stands indoor, blank space right for your advertisement. Happiness
Young delighted curly African American woman has cheerful expression, points aside with fore fingers, shows blank space for your advertising content, wears grey jacket, poses over pink background
Portrait of lovely glad woman has Afro hair, smiles joyfully, gets pleasant news, gazes at camera cheerful, expresses upbeat emotions, models against purple background. Free space for your advert
Puzzled clueless African American lady shrugs shoulders and expresses uncertainty, makes decision, wears fashionable clothing, spreads palms sideways isolated on yellow wall. Life perception, attitude
Positive Afro American lady shows something amazing, points up and sideways with index fingers, advertises copy space, has toothy smile, isolated over yellow background, poses in paper hole.
Headshot of pretty charming curly Afro woman poses joyful and looks aside, keeps hand under chin, wears warm sweater, stands with broad smile, isolated on pink background, blank space aside.
Visit this! Cheerful delighted woman points right with fore finger, shows copy space for your promotional content, being in good mood, wears spectacles and jumper poses indoor impressed by cool object
Photo of cheerful lovely woman has Afro haircut, points above at free space, gets good impression of promotion, wears white t shirt and spectacles, isolated over blue background. Look upwards
Radosny ciemnoskóry model śmieje się przyjemnie, zamyka oczy ze szczęścia, otrzymuje cudowną sugestię, będąc w dobrym nastroju podczas letniej podróży, nosi opaskę i bluzkę w paski, pozuje do wnętrz.
Vertical photo of good looking cheerful dark skinned lady keeps hand under chin, looks aside with broad smile, sits crossed legs on floor against yellow background, enjoys spare time with friends
Portrait of satisfied dark skinned female model with Afro haircut, gentle smile, dressed in casual orange jumper, looks straightly at camera, pose over blue studio wall for making photo. Ethnicity
Portrait of unawre unsure dark skinned woman spreads palms in bewilderment, being questioned what to present for parents on holiday, has puzzled facial expression, models over blue background
Happy dark skinned young woman with curly hair, touches neck, enjoys pleasant moment in life, dressed in casual clothes, isolated on white background, being in good mood, wears silver earrings
Studio shot of glad charming young female with Afro haircut, touches neck, wears oversized jumper, isolated over blue background with blank space for your promotional content. Pleasant emotions
Indoor shot of optimistic curly haired pretty woman keeps hand under chin, looks directly at camera, being in good mood, stands satisfied and delighted, wears casual sweatshirt, poses indoor
Half length shot of lovely charming woman points on right side, gives suggestion to try copy space, recommends place for advertisement, smiles positively, wears everyday wear, isolated on white wall
Carefree young woman with dark skin, keeps hand under chin, laughs happily, shows white teeth, wears oversized red sweater, isolated over blue background with empty space for your information
Head shot of positive curly haired woman keeps hands under chin, closes eyes and smiles broadly, enjoys nice time in good company, dressed in fashionable clothes, isolated on pink background
Portrait of pleasant looking overjoyed woman laughs and turns gaze aside, expresses good emotions and feelings, being amused by funny friend, wears comfortable yellow sweater, has carefree life
Isolated shot of beautiful woman with Afro hair, laughs sincerely, keeps hands together near chin, has eyes full of happiness, wears hoop earrings and casual turtleneck, isolated on white background
Positive female seller points both fore fingers upwards, has toothy smile, wears casual pink jumper, being in good mood, promots item on sale above, wears oversized pink jumper. Check this out
Overjoyed curly ethnic woman raises palms, laughs positively, hears something funny, has joy, closes eyes and chuckles, wears yellow comfortable sweatshirt, expresses good emotions and feelings.
Studio shot of happy dark skinned woman crosses fingers for good luck, wears round glasses and casual white t shirt, believes dreams come true, models over blue background with empty space aside
Sincere feminine girl with dark skin, crisp hair, broad smile, has fun, enjoys evening in good company, wears red sweater with collar, models over blue background with free space on right side
Positive dark skinned woman shows copy space above, points index fingers upwards, demonstrates nice advertisement, suggests good idea, isolated on green background. People and promotion concept
Curious pleased dark skinned female model looks upwards and points at empty space, demonstrates advertisement or promo, suggests going upstairs, isolated on green background. Check this offer
Half length shot of positive ethnic woman reacts on surprising news, bites lips, has shocked glad expression, looks directly at camera, wears green summer t shirt, isolated over blue background
Studio shot of pleasant looking fashionable woman with Afro hairstyle, wears pink sweatshirt and yellow scarf, smiles happily, shows even teeth, being in good mood, gets praise from colleague
Pleasant looking glad woman invites going upstairs, points index fingers upwards, shows where to find best discounts, wears green sweater, models against rosy background, advertises something
Positive ethnic woman points at product, suggests check it out, indicates right with happy smile, rejoices nice advertisement, wears green sweater, poses against pink background. Promo concept
Confused beautiful young African American woman crosses arms over body, points left and right, different directions, chooses best option, has various special offers, wears bright pink jumper.
Studio shot of attractive curly girl шn striped jumper points aside on blank space with both index fingers, stands in paper hole of yellow background, happy to show cool promotion or advert.
Happy calm dark skinned millennial girl spends lazy weekend at home, dressed in casual vest, feels confident and healthy, isolated on blue background. People, lifestyle and emotions concept.
Wewnątrz ujęcie atrakcyjnej młodej Afroamerykanki z delikatnym uśmiechem, pokazuje białe zęby, ubrane w swobodną makietę koszuli, wyraża pozytywne emocje, stoi na różowym tle
Photo of attractive young woman with happy expression, smiles gently, points aside with both fore fingers, wears loose red jumper, isolated over blue studio background, shows place to hang out.
Beautiful black woman looks to side, shows free advertising space, smiles broadly, dressed in white casual t shirt, isolated over blue background, wears spectacles for good vision. Its for your ad
Close up shot of curly beautiful African American woman makes phone gesture, says call me back, wears round glasses and casual t shirt, poses against yellow studio background. Communication sign
Delighted adorable woman with Afro hairstyle points away with both fore fingers, smiles gladfully and shows white teeth, demonstrates copy space for your advertisement, stands in ripped background
Studio shot of cute curly woman looks right pleased, has beaming smile, satisfied after productive work, keeps hands under chin, dressed in fashionable clothes, isolated on pink wall, copy space
People, emotions and friendship concept. Lovely cheerful Afro woman smiles happily, has carefree face expression wears white turtleneck stands near dissatisfied gloomy female friend upset by something
Unsure puzzled angry young Afro American lady thinks deeply, scratches head, keeps hand on waist, makes decision with uncertain look, wears white casual tshirt, isolated over blue background.
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Obraz na płótnie

Nadruk nanoszony jest na wysokiej jakości płótno, które naciąga się na krosno malarskie (blejtramy). Dzięki temu, że nadruk pokrywa boczne krawędzie, nie ma konieczności oprawiania wzoru dodatkową ramą. Polecamy również kompozycje składające się z kilku obrazów tworzących spójną kompozycję.
  • Montaż: Obraz jest od razu gotowy do zawieszenia na ścianie. Do każdego obrazu dokładamy zawieszki i gwoździki.
  • Dodatkowe informacje: W ofercie dostępne są ramy wewnętrzne i zewnętrzne.

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Szczęśliwy uśmiechnięty człowiek
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