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Fototapeta Horizontal view of dark skinned woman in good mood, raises arm with muscles, has strong body, dressed in gym outfit, listens audio via modern headphones, poses indoor. Fitness and music concept
Horizontal view of dark skinned woman in good mood, raises arm with muscles, has strong body, dressed in gym outfit, listens audio via modern headphones, poses indoor. Fitness and music concept.
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kobieta, dziewczyna, słuchawki, styl życia, muzyka, kobieta, młody, sportowiec, wykonywanie
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Happy smiling Afro American woman relaxes after doing exercises, wears sporty clothes, listens music via modern headphones, has good mood, isolated over white background. People and motivation
Indoor shot of self determined curly Afro American sportswoman chooses playlist for cardio workout, smiles pleasantly, wears casual top, looks directly at camera, poses over white background.
Glad charming fitness woman drinks cold water, being thirsty after running, has towel on neck, wears top and leggings, stands against purple studio wall. People, cardio training and healthy lifestyle
Funny dark skinned woman raises arm, shows muscles after training, holds karemat, has regular workout in gym with coach, dressed in sportswear, isolated on purple studio wall. Strength concept
Bodycare and sport concept. Energized glad dark skinned woman clenches fist with joy, holds fitness mat, enjoys training session, works hard on getting healthier and fit, rejoices loosing weight
Emotional beautiful Afro American woman with curly hair, laughs positively, enjoys loud music in headphones, keeps eyes closed from pleasure, wears grey top, goes in for sport with favourite track
Sporty lifestyle and leisure concept. Overjoyed Afro woman smiles broadly, wears yellow headphones, listens music during fitness, uses special app, dressed in grey top, isolated over white background.
Sporty woman in active wear, smiles broadly, uses modern cell phone, listens music via headphones, chooses favourite track, poses against white background. People, active lifestyle and workout
Joyful dark skinned girl enjoys loud music in headphones, has athletic figure, wears casual top, shows belly, looks away with charming smile, goes in for sport with favourite songs, models indoor
Vertical shot of positive dark skinned woman enjoys loud music in stereo headphones, sings songs pleasantly, keeps eyes closed, has fitness training, poses over white background, blank space above
Athletic woman with dark skin, curly hair, tilts head and smiles pleasantly, keeps hands on headphones, enjoys lively music, keeps eyes shut from pleasure, dressed in active clothes, isolated on white
Studio shot of happy African American woman raises clenched fists, celebrates successful won game, dressed in sports bra, listens music via headphones, has slim body curly hair. Fitness female relaxes
People, sporty lifestyle and motivation concept. Self confident dark skinned woman with serious expression, raises arm, shows biceps, listens music via modern headphones, has cardio session.
Happy sportswoman feels enjoyment during workout, listens music playlist via headphones, dressed in sport bra, smiles positively, isolated over white background copy space on left side for your advert
Horizontal view of relaxed curly haired sporty girl, has workout indoor, sings songs, listens music in headphones, wears grey top, poses against white background, copy space for your advertisement
Horizontal view of slim sporty Afro woman grins happily at camera, wears casual top, headphones on ears, listens favourite music during workout, poses over white background. Healthy lifestyle, leisure
Cropped image of ethnic woman enjoys music as personal motivation, keeps both hands on headphones, smiles pleasantly, wears grey sport bra, poses against white background, has training session
People, sport and strength concept. Glad curly haired African American woman raises arm, shows biceps, demonstrates muscles, has slim figure, wears casual top and shorts, models over white wall
Photo of optimistic dark skinned sporty woman keeps hands on waist, smiles happily, dressed in sport bra and black shorts, isolated over white background, has fitтess training with instructor
Photo of cheerful dark skinned woman raises palm, feels glad after workout, wears red sport bra, shows belly, has Afro hairstyle, leads healthy lifestyle, poses indoor over white background.
Pleased dark skinned model with curly hair, dressed in casual rosy t shirt, raises arms with dumbbells, trains muscles, listens music via headphones, isolated over purple background. People and sport
Glad dark skinned woman attends fitness class, holds rolled up mat, dressed in sportswear, points up, has athletic body and exercises in gym happy after workout or cardio training. Sport and lifestyle
Horizontal shot of positive dark skinned woman with Afro haircut, raises arms with dumbbells, wears yellow headphones and pink vest, poses over purple studio wall, being in good shape, athletic body
Glad dark skinned woman with crisp hair, raises dumbbell for training muscles, wears pink top, carries green fitness mat, poses over purple background. Active girl has gymnastic training or aerobics
Isolated shot of cheerful culy haired sporty woman holds rolled up karemat, two hula hoops, wears pink vest, has workout in gym, isolated over violet studio wall. Athlete girl has active lifestyle
Cheerful dark skinned young Afro woman holds kareamt and dumbbell, trains muscles in gym, has happy facial expression, towel around neck, wears pink top, models indoor against purple background
Sporty slim lady with healthy dark skin, Afro hairstyle, exercises with hula hoop, carries rolled up karemat, dressed in pink vest, has toothy smile, poses indoor. Healthy lifestyle, gymnastic concept
Photo of dissatisfied dark skinned woman raises dumbbells, has workout, wants to be strong and healthy, dressed in casual t shirt, lifts heavy weight, isolated on purple background with copy space
Sporty ethnic woman with curly hairstyle keeps lips rounded, rotates hula hoop, being in good shape, wears casual pink vest, has athletic body, isolated over purple background, has fitness class
Positive woman with Afro haircut, holds rolled up fitness mat, has exercises with hoop, wants to be in good physical shape, looks somewhere with happiness leads healthy lifestyle holds sport equipment
Horizontal shot of happy woman with Afro hairstyle, lifts weight for having biceps, carries rolled up fitness mat, wears pink vest, looks happily, models against purple background. Sport, motivation
Happy dark skinned girl carries turquoise kareamt, two hoops, has exercising in domestic atmosphere, goes in for sport for being healthy and fit, stands indoor against purple background. Sport concept
Horizontal shot of attractive curly haired woman bites lower lip, raises dumbbells, works on biceps, wears casual t shirt, focused aside, poses over purple background. Sport, healthy lifestyle concept
Happy smiling carefree curly haired African American sportswoman carries crumpled yoga mat, raises arm and indicates upwards, enjoys good training, dressed in t shirt and leggings. Sport concept
Studio shot of cheerful dark skinned girl holds fitness mat and bottle of fresh water, drinks during exhausted exercising looks right dressed in active wear poses indoor. Motivation, healthy lifestyle
Positive smiling woman with Afro hair, holds yoga mat, shows biceps after training in gym, wears casual t shirt and leggings, leads healthy lifestyle, isolated on purple background. Workout.
Fit positive Afro woman does fitness exercises and workout at home, holds orange karemat, keeps one hand on waist, wears casual t shirt and leggings, wants to loose weight, be healthy. Time to sport
Smiling fitness woman in top and leggings takes break after training, holds bottle of water, wipes sweat with towel, being energetic runner or jogger, feels thirsty. People, wellness, vitality concept
Strong sportswoman has fitness exercises indoor, shows muscles after training, carries rolled up karemat, dressed in t shirt and leggings, demonstrates biceps, poses against purple background
Positive dark skinned woman holds yoga mat and dumbbell, wears sportclothes, has towel on neck, looks aside with happy expression, exercises in gym, isolated over purple wall. Fitness and training
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